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SO many healthy recipes with the nutritional info.

Create a healthy snack station and always keep it stocked in your fridge and/or pantry so you avoid the temptation of grabbing something not so healthy.

A GINORMOUS list of healthy snack ideas

Chicken Fajitas {Recipe} | Fit & Healthy 365 MUCH better for you than any packet! Lowest sodium option! Making this tonight!

Awesome site! You click on the ingredients you have in your fridge, and it comes up with a recipe for you! Friggin' genious

15 Asparagus Healthy Recipes

Healthy spaghetti with sautéed chicken and grape tomatoes.

Appreciate healthy food for what it can do for your body - improve your quality of life and allow you to keep your smile for a long time:

15 healthy weight watchers crockpot recipes and this is what I NEED to be cooking!


detox water - helps you maintain a flat belly, 2 lemons, 1/2 cucumber, and 3qts water fuse overnight to create a natural detox, helping to flush impurities out of your system.

Holiday healthy apple "nachos" with chocolate, caramel and marshmallows.

30 easy but healthy recipes mommy bloggers swear by

10 Healthy Cookie Recipes


foddie "Low Carb"

Healthy Crock-Pot Recipes

50 Healthy Recipes


Healthier ranch dressing 2 points plus

If you follow this link, then click home, then click menus, you'll find months worth of low-carb menus directly linked to recipes with pictures. If you click on induction menus from the regular menus page, you'll find really low-carb daily menus (breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snack). This is what I am eating. I've lost ten pounds so far and I feel much better day to day.