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The coolest product to use when giving your baby a bath.  I totally wish I had had this....

Blooming Bath Baby Bath In Sink Love this idea! Must be sooo much better than a hard surfaced sink. Hmm, maybe they can make one for adults.

Party Onesie                                                       …

Cute Baby Unicorn Coloring Pages Cute idea. Baby clothing ,baby gift- for new baby -very cute ,Bamboo ,Onesie, oz made in Cana.

Podee Hands Free Baby Bottle! Product Review! Love this baby bottle, no hands needed!

Podee Hands Free Baby Bottle- definitely could have used this a few times when the twins were little and needed to be fed at the same time

Baby Elephant Cartoon Pillow Seat Cojin Lactancia Kidskids room decoration Pillow elefante de pelucia

Baby Elephant Cartoon Pillow Seat Cojin Lactancia Kidskids room decoration Pillow elefante de pelucia

Rainbow Fox Animals pillow Grey Elephant Stuffed Plush Pillow Pals Cushion Plush Toy Cute Baby Pillow Cushion for Childrens * You can find more details by visiting the image link.

Potty training any kid is never fun, but mothers have had to deal with all kinds of special tricks when it comes to boys. …

POTTY TRAINING for BOYS! It's called the "Peter Potty Flushing Toddler Urinal". OMGosh, this is amazing.It's about time they came out with something like this! LOL (Sure wish they had these when my 4 boys were young!

How to give a no-cry swaddled bath just like they do in the NICU- wish I had known this existed.

Bath time can be overwhelming for a new baby. The solution: swaddling baby before putting her in the tub! When the blanket gets wet, it becomes heavier and puts gentle, calming pressure all over your baby’s body.

Wow, until SIDS is better understood this is genius. Wirelessly monitor your babys heart-rate and blood-oxgyen levels.

Wirelessly monitor your baby's heart-rate and blood-oxygen levels. To think how many times I've checked a soundly sleeping baby.

well... you cant hold your baby while you pee!!! who would of thought of this though

HOLY CRAP this is genius- a thingy so you can hang your baby on the restroom stall door while you pee. I must have one (when I have kids some day)!