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The Lump In My Pants Means I Love You

The Lump In My Pants Means I Love You - vintage retro antique kitsch book pulp novel

strange vintage birth control advert.

FDA Approves The Birth Control Pill

Amazing how they got Annette Funicello to do Yasmin birth control pill ads back then. I think it makes her sound a bit easy and bet in some way it must have hurt her career considering the day. Hey boys step right up!

10 Reasons why Lard is Healthy...this does NOT mean run out & buy Crisco...READ the article.

Lard is Healthy: 10 Reasons to Bring Lard Back

"They're happy because they eat lard" ad, - Who knew the key to happiness is lard?

remember this?  Be what you are and not what a social voice urges you to be.

When Skinny Dames Made Men Vamoose... #ThrowbackThursday

"Skinny Girls Are Not Glamour Girls-- How to Add Glamorous Curves to Your Figure." Funny Old Ad.

Good to see the "1950s Lifestyle" still being practiced in our modern era. Really dig that space-age TV.

Here's How You Can Grow Your Own Avocado At Home!

TRAIN YOUR WIFE vintage poster. Learn to Train your wife in five easy lessons. She is also naked under her apron.

hot Diggity Dog diggity boom want to do to me

Vintage, hot diggity dog by nouar (this was the hot dog you saw between movies at the drive in show)

A must-read for education on the history women's rights, with women who are still alive today to continue the fight for equality and inspire others!

Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman-Hughes with Gloria Steinem. Dorothy Pitman-Hughes, a civil rights and women's rights activist, saw her father nearly beaten to death by the KKK when she was a child. Read her bio below image.