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Kamov Ka-31 http://helicopterblog.com

Kamov Ka-31 http://helicopterblog.com

Is would be acceptable if Chloe was paying with a hot wheel on the bump

I can see this with an older sibling too. Image detail for Awe-Inspiring Maternity Picture Ideas - SloDive

Militärens luft burna fordon

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Planes, trains, ships, cars ahd other. **************************************This looks photo-shopped to me, but the design looks interesting! The best collection latest technology information

Harrier jump jet, can take off and land vertically, like a helicopter, sometimes that is just what is called for.

I have always LOVED the amazing Harrier. :-) * Harrier jump jet, can take off and land vertically, like a helicopter, sometimes that is just what is called for.

Amazing moment! I always wonder how they get these structures built in the first place with waves like this.

Gazing Goddess,Mirror,Dorje Yudronma,Divination,esoteric,Tibetan,SKULL,DRAGON,OM

Lighthouse in a storm ~ The photo did not say where it is.Only caption: Yes, the picture is real. Believe it or not, the man in the lighthouse was not killed. He was awaiting rescue via helicopter. That was the only reason he opened the door.

Nā Pali Coast - Kauai, Hawaii - I didn't get a chance to hike this when I was there. I need to go back.

Nā Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii One of my favorite places I've been! First helicopter ride ever!

Lowering the dino. Have no idea what's happening here but it's a funny photo nonetheless.

helicopter flying carrying a long neck dinosaur, black white vintage photograph

This photo is usually captioned as WWl or vintage aviation: it is not a vintage photo ,not from WWl or any war, not the first woman mechanic or anything like that - this is a modern photo and a good photo. Nothing wrong with staging "vintage" photos or re-enactments, but there are plenty of "real" old photos of  "real" old times. Unfortunately, I didn't keep her name and the original photo has been taken down - she is a modern model, Russian ,I think.

vintage aviation (not a vintage photo - is this "ironic" or is it passed on as a photo setup? Nothing wrong with staging "vintage" photos, but people seem to take them as "real" old photos.

Grand Canyon >> stunning beauty!

Cherries still life food photography / valentines day, kitchen decor, heart, cherry, three, trio, red, minimalist / hearts / 8x10 fine art

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA- one of the most beautiful places I've seen, so I highly recommend a visit!

Germany spent the 1930’s hiding their aeronautical achievements in the form of civilian looking planes. During the Battle of Britain, the Me 109 was Germany’s main escort.

Russell Aviation Groups rare Messerschmitt Bf being flown by Walter Eichorn, over Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The Bf 109 is powered by a rare Daimler Benz and is painted in Hans-Joachim Marseilles colors as White