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How Commercials Get Us To Buy Crap We Don't Need (video) (3:27 min) (via AJ+) (14 December 2015) "Advertisers are using several psychological tactics to get us to buy a lot more" than we need.

Why the News Isn't Really the News (video) (2013) "Ryan Holiday, the author of 'Trust Me, I'm Lying' shares a bit about how he has manipulated media to get bogus, anonymous stories to the front-page of news media outlets. He wonders if many of our news stories can even be trusted because the system by which news outlets pick up their stories is flawed."

Vintage Attentive Bears Salt and Pepper Shakers

Wow!! This is an amazing statement!!! How true it is! Unless you're sitting and watching a television or staring at a cell phone I would say this is true. I would sit for hours writing, knowing I had dishes to do. Always knew I should have been a writer.