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YOGA SEQUENCE TO DOWNWARD DOG Down dog is a whole body kinda pose. Head to toe everything must be strong but also flexible. It took me a long time to get my heels down but if you focus on stretching the back of the legs a lot it will happen - 1. CAT & COW 10x Do this nice & slow. Focus on you hips & what they are doing. What you do with your hips in cow (head up) is what you want to do in down dog. Think of spreading the butt cheeks (yup) & twerking - 2. SHOULDER STRETCH You can do this…

The maned wolf is the tallest wild canid and is quite agile on its four spindly legs. They inhabit open forests and savannas of central South America.


Incredibly Cute Animals That You Never Even Knew Existed!

Long Eared Jerboa....a nocturnal desert rodent with big ears, a long tail and large, strong hind legs for hopping and jumping. Most species eat plants. Some species add beetles and insects to their diet. Find them in Northern Africa, Asia East to Northern China and Manchuria.

Servals <3 (these are what are crossed with domestic cats to create Savannah cats, which are the coolest cats ever so look them up!)

Cute Exotic Animals | Beautiful. Serval cat | Cute Pets & Exotic Animals ..... standing and folding arms?

Every single freaking morning! What an adorable sight to wake up to. Nobody (except your Mom) will love you as unconditionally as one of these saved Angels.

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Heidi Klum shows off her sizzling beach body in a nautical swimsuit

Beach babe: Flaunting her long legs and slim physique, the halterneck one-piece showcased her figure to perfection

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10 Weirdest Looking Insects

Massive Flannel Moth Caterpillar is fabulous!