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Lost Masters: Rediscovering the Mysticism of the Ancient Greek Philosophers An Eckhart Tolle Edition: Linda Johnsen, Eckhart Tolle: Fremdsprachige Bücher

Vergangene Leben heilen: Reinkarnationstherapie in der Praxis: Roger Woolger, Margarethe Randow-Tesch: Bücher

Die vielen Leben der Seele. Wiedererinnerung in der therapeutischen Arbeit: Roger Woolger: Bücher

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Awakening & The Edge of Insanity: Why Am I losing it? - The Awakened State. One of the most crippling times on the path is when you come to terms with losing your old identity and the death of the old consciousness. However that in-between phase where you're straddling both worlds is the turning point on the path.

The power of Snake Medicine is the power of creation, for it embodies psychic energy, alchemy, sexuality, reproduction, and ascension. It embodies the life-death-rebirth cycle in the shedding of the skin. It is the energy of wholeness, cosmic consciousness, and the ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance. The knowledge that all things are equal in creation. This medicine teaches you on a personal level that you are a universal being.

inspirations for Ascending the Veil: Book 3 in the Piercing the Fold series by Venessa Kimball Axis Mundi