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We were younger, happier and foolish. We should allow ourselves more often to break free from our adult chains and get back to our teenage light-heartedness. Start with a snowball fight next winter season ;)

"Cap, are you all right?" "I'm fine." "But you're--" "I'm fine. I'm just going to lie here and catch my breath until I forget about almost falling to my death thirty seconds ago. I'll catch up." There was a long pause. "Are you stuck?" "...no."

“Anything belonged to sea is beautiful. Even the sound emanated by the waves are rhythmic and melodious. The enigmatic world existing below the sea is believed to be the most spectacular scene that one could ever set his eyes on.” ― Chandrababu V. S

so remember the experience of being in the barn or the tool shed ... and seeing shafts of light filtering through and dust particles dancing in the rays. As the world gets faster, those of us who knew this as kids greatly miss it

to some, being forgiving and understanding marks you as a fool and a sucker, and they quickly take advantage by playing on your emotions. Instead of recognizing your character, they only see an opportunity to exploit. It's a tragedy for all involved.

January 2016 ☞ Photography ☞ is a Russian photographer based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia who shoots analog photography using multiexposure method and soaking. Once she found her inspiration in the woods...

Two iconic brands collaborated to make you two iconic new shoes. Head over to to see what results when Teva’s river heritage meet the UGG® brand’s surf roots (spoiler: it’s a shoe suited perfectly for the streets, who woulda thought?)

"we can't...go outside. we'll die. sunlight and vampires aren't a good combination." "sh, young one. let the master do their work." "stop being dramatic and hurry."