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Telling someone you like their bias is like telling someone you plan on seducing their husband until he leaves them for you. Trust me, don't do it if you know what's good for you and want to live, because we are Kpop fangirls after all.

It just doesn't work

haha so true but its all good we got our kpop kdramas handsome korean boys and we still have a million friends all over that are just like us :) :D

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the struggle XD

This is me watching Run BTS because I like watching without subtitles for some reason

Omg! Lolololol

I'm so sorry for that language, but it's hilarious!

;) you know what I'm talking about kpoppers

i love how this meme still applies to me, like, i used to associate it with them guys and now i associate it with kpop idols

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It's because of all the stuff that's been happening over the past year, it's made us all insane.