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    Commercial Laying Houses | Pastured Laying Hens and Lots of Eggs at Provenance Farm

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    • Geraldine Geibel

      Commercial Laying Houses | Pastured Laying Hens and Lots of Eggs at Provenance Farm

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    Two hens in the backyard for each person in the house...! That's a lot of chickens!

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    If the rooster loves the chicken very much, he gives her a big hug... {chicken reproductive poster by Amanda Visell}

    Love this waterer idea too! Check out the feeder too. ***This is what we have in mind for this summer!!

    Egg shells are porous, with a micro membrane coating on them called “bloom” to keep potential baby chicks and their environment safe and clean. Bacteria has a hard time getting inside a dry egg. Washing dirty eggs removes the bloom and invites bacteria to be drawn inside the egg. And washing eggs in cool water actually creates a vacuum, pulling unwanted bacteria inside even faster.

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    A case for keeping backyard hens!

    Bad egg guide~~~~~ Incubating and Hatching Eggs great site

    From the time an ovum leaves the ovary, it takes approximately 25 hours for the egg to reach the vent for laying. During that time period, the yolk will grow larger while being surrounded by albumen (egg white), wrapped in a membrane, and encased in a shell. Pigment is deposited on the shell as the last step of the egg production process.

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    Commercial Laying Houses | Low resolution thumbnails - CD/DVD images are scanned at 300 DPI)

    commercial poultry house pictures | Commercial Chicken House

    commercial poultry house pictures | Poultry Housing

    Deter deer with cut-up aluminum cans.