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3 Content Mistakes Bloggers Need To Stop Making

If you are wanting to break outside of just being read by other bloggers, be a successful blogger and/or you want to build your blog into a business. Raise your hand! Great! You know how they say that content is king? Here are some content mistakes you need to avoid in order to grow your blog audience.

Reason You Aren't Making Money Like Other Bloggers

There are lots of reasons your blog isn’t making money like other bloggers are. And no, it has nothing to do with page views or low traffic. If you’ve got a blog that adds value to the lives of your readers, not just because you hope it does, but because you KNOW it does and you’re still not making money blogging, then there are a few things you need to dig deep into and take a look at, let’s start with six today...

10 Maxims of Successful Blogging: Infographic Edition (Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow} » The Age of Gurus. A {growtoon}.)

#blog #tip This is soooo helpful, a great list of blogging tips. Good for new bloggers, and a great reminder for old-time bloggers to get back on track with what they're writing for the world. blogging tips, blogging ideas, #blog #blogger #blogtips

[Video] How to Create Gorgeous Social Media Graphics Using Canva

[VIDEO TUTORIAL] How to create gorgeous social media graphics for free using Canva - 3 simple design hacks for the non-designer PLUS a BONUS graphic design toolkit. // Social Media with Priyanka

7 Foolproof Ways to Get More Re-pins on Pinterest (Even as a Beginner

Struggling to get your content shared on Pinterest? Boost your re-pin rate with these 7 foolproof strategies to get more re-pins on Pinterest.

How to Use Bloglovin to Promote Your Blog

* How to Use Bloglovin’ to Promote Your Blog, Discover New Great Reads and Connect with Other Bloggers.

How I Use Pinterest and StumbleUpon Together to Increase My Pageviews

Keeping up with Social Media can be difficult for a blogger. Here's how I save time by using Pinterest and StumbleUpon together to increase my pageviews. Click through to find out the big 'secret'.

12 Habits of Successful Bloggers

Want to create a thriving website? These are 12 habits of successful bloggers you should consider adopting to make it big online!