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So many paths I would love to walk, and this is one of them. Misty path to shrines, Mount Haguro, Yamagata, Japan

Tree Tunnel Path To Halnaker Mill, West Sussex. England

silvaris: “ Footpath to Halnaker Mill, West Sussex. by Brian Footpath to the old windmill at Halnaker, West Sussex.

✯ Dark Path

into deep dark silence. silence that seems to press in around, wondering at the intrusion. silence that has been here long before you were born and will reign far after you are gone.

The path under the trees

in the forest . Not a fantasy picture, but it is great motivation for the novel I'm writing, my sequel to Cry of the Sea called Whisper of the Trees.

Beautiful forest passage

Long ago it had been a clearing but over the years the forest had closed in, then closed over. The words on the stone slab were worn to smoothness and covered in thick moss. The spirit dwelt in peace beneath the green earth and was troubled no more.

coiour-my-world: “Ukraine ~ Photo by @marinatrygub ”

Solotvin Village - Ukraine ~ Photo by : I LOVE this! & I 'd like expert advice on bug, reptile, snake & spider complete dispersion techniques.

I have walked in places that look just like this.

Deforestation causes problems that are not solely concerned with the trees that grow in a forest. In a forest, there is all manner of life that lives and grows. It is often ignored that within a forest, there are trees, animals and pl

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Walking path with a canopy of trees wish I had this for a back yard

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Take a walk down "tranquility pathway".beside a lake & mountains.set in a peaceful forest