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Pretty funny Insanity Wolf meme poster I made. Insanity Wolf is one scary wolf.

this makes me laugh probably a little too much! but i've used like, at least half of these! lol

When bro isn't enough

For anytime bro just doesn't cut it. I want to call y brother Han brolo now.

Fake country girls be like.. truth!!! Chevy girl all the way. It's either one or the other! Same with camo- it's either Realtree or MossyJOKE! Drives me Insane!!! One thing bout true country girls, they're loyal- to makes, models and damn camo patterns!

22 Ways Your Best Friend Is Actually Your Significant Other

I love when people post this, and they are one of the ones that do it. Just like people that make fun of the duck face, but they have tons of pictures of them making duck faces.

Different languages.

Tim and I always talk to each other in "fake" German. haha and this is why German cracks me up. No matter what, you will always sound angry.

Never thought of it that way....

Never thought of it that way....

Funny pictures about Every zoo is a petting zoo. Oh, and cool pics about Every zoo is a petting zoo. Also, Every zoo is a petting zoo.

aladdin & les miserables mashup

26 Jokes Only Theatre Nerds Will Understand

(Les Mis and Aladdin! Fun Fact: This line in Aladdin was in reference to Les Miserables! Lea Salonga, who sung for Jasmine in the movie Aladdin, played Eponine on broadway.) IDK why but I laughed SO hard when I saw this!

Grumpy Cat Meme -- Christmas funny

Grumpy cat frowns on your shenanigans. Grumpy cat is not impressed. I wonder if grumpy cat is an engineer. I did find some Grumpy Cat gifs: Grumpy Cat say \