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Oh Joey... still makes me laugh

Monica, this totally hot girl is flirting with me. Flirt back. Mix it up. Okay, here goes. How - You - a-doin'?

..Ross bruises like a peach, he bruises like a peach.

Joey :D I literally just watched this episode today! The One With Joey's Bag!

Chandler as we know him

if he's funny.. LAUGH when Joey actually has good logic!

Nope, and it's basically all you need anyway :)

I can't get enough of "Friends" quotes. So many of them, all so freaking hilarious!

Joey Tribbiani + Thesaurus = Fun! Click on for more funny things from Friends

Chandler: Okay, here's the phone bill. Joey: OH MY GOD! Chandler: That's our phone number. Friends TV show quotes

Holy cow! I remembered this when I woke up for some of the best Friends moments!

lol I miss FRIENDS so much!!!