So do teachers!! :)


High Tech...

hahaha this is so funny and so true in my house

Mom, come see the kittens! lol

Target... one does not go in and out in ten minutes.

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 74 Pics

Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom!!!

The best way to die....

I don't have human children, but the mental image this creates is hilarious.

Learned all of these from my mom


Don't yell - lean in real close & whisper - it's much scarier & get's the person attention - it works on kids & adults

Obamaconomics- hilarious

Yes please

Tragic childhood.

At the age of 65 my grandma started walking 5 miles a day........


I absolutely LOVE the mom who grabs her camera at this point...

Or break your face. You know, whatever.