So do teachers!! :)

This is too funny! Enjoy! With love,


:) We try to live up to perfect, 2 is not bad ;)

@Susan Hood Happy Mother's day! I remember a mom who told me if I ate the batter I was going to get "Sooooo sick," until the day I came in and found her chowing down on some cookie dough. Love you, mom!


Bathroom Break?? They Will Find You!!


I Am Presently Experiencing Life At A Rate Of Several WTF's Per Hour. #quote #WTF #life

lol i will remember this when i start teaching (omg, that was already a comment on this pic from the tumblr where I got it--but it totally works for me!) — Don't yell at your kids! Lean in real close and whisper; it's much scarier.

The top funny and inspiring mom quotes


the truth comes out.

I've had nearly this exact conversation with my kids....

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Omg yes!!!

Haha yes!

Very true!

Target... one does not go in and out in ten minutes.