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Women in the 1700s Used Hog Lard Moisturizer, and so Can You

Marie-Gabrielle Capet Autoportrait /Self Portrait, ca. Oil on canvas, National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo (acquired Capet was one of the 21 women to exhibit in the first open revolutionary Salon of See the museum entry here:

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The Gym-Free Interval Workout

30 Minutes to a Sleek Physique: The No-Equipment Workout You Can Do Anywhere You dont need to hire a personal trainer or even hit the gym to get fit. Try this quick at-home routine and use your own body weight for resistance Photos) if-i-start-to-workout

The single most important figure to establish Rococo fashions was Louis XV’s mistress Madame Pompadour. She adored pastel colors and the light, happy style which came to be known as Rococo, and subsequently light stripe and floral patterns became popular.

century kitchen. Here you can see the servants main quarters, only servants were supposed to be working in the kitchen. It was very unfashionable for the time to be eating anything servant did not make.

Sexual flagellation in early modern times. This is an century engraving and account, presented to the Royal Society and the College of Physicians, to see if they can give any explanation for such strange behaviour."

Giovanni Paolo Panini, Neo-classim adapted as the official art style. Association with the democracy of Greece and republicanism of rome. Napoleon used the style for propaganda.