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this is one of the sweetest little stories

Worth the read. Most adorable pirate kitty EVER! (For my KK who saved a pirate kitty of her own!

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Meet Sir Stuffington, The Cutest Pirate In The World

Thought you would enjoy Sir Stuffington the one eyed floof!

That's "In-Tents"

That's "In-Tents"

People in sleeping bags. are the soft tacos of the bear world. 18 Things Only People Who Hate Camping Understand

Why I love dogs

6 funny dogs and cute puppies

This reminds me of you and my dad's arguements... that may or may not appear to be strange on pintrest...

Sir i have had enough of your shenanigans! This is a funny picture of a beaver who has had enough of your shenanigans.

Love the angle

Cyoot Kitteh of the Day: Dis Mah Fayce in Hi-Def - Cheezburger

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funny dog meme with a ferret and a dog fighting and then snuggling

25 Funny Dog Memes: Part 2

Funny pictures about Dog meets ferret. Oh, and cool pics about Dog meets ferret. Also, Dog meets ferret.

 baby dos and donts

Funny pictures about Baby Do's and Don'ts. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Do's and Don'ts. Also, Baby Do's and Don'ts photos.

cats and dogs together

15 Images That Prove Cats And Dogs Can Be Best Friends

Dogs are man's best friend. And cat's purrfect pillow. In this post collection of 12 photos of cats treating dogs like pillows.

We need more people like him

We need more people like him

A story of cat named Gotham. one day two years ago, I was playing videogames with one bros We decided to go to the gotham save cat Cute

Washed dogs

Before & After Bath *Not my dog, but this could so be my Maltese and his Pomeranian friend.