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  • Tassos S

    The good life before the Eastern Front: German officers enjoy their cup of coffee at an open air Parisian cafe and are being saluted by passing soldiers. Note the two ladies on the right looking straight at the photographer. Summer 1940.

  • Karla Sosa

    German officers and Parisians mix together on Bastille Day in 1940. A year after the Nazis invaded Paris.

  • The American Library in Paris

    'Les Américains à Paris sous l'Occupation' by Charles Glass ~ Jacqueline, collections volunteer

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“Parisians — and untold numbers of refugees from other countries, trapped in Paris since the Germans captured the capital in 1940 — pour into the streets on August 25, 1944” via LIFE.

Stop by the Place de la Bastille at night and visit the square's cafés, bars, night clubs, and concert halls. #Paris #nightlife #cafes

❥ Parisian lights~ gorgeous. Why can't we have beautiful streetlights in Virginia Beach? Aqua would be nice.

This is a picture that was taken in Paris on August 25th, 1944, where the people were occupying the streets with their bicycles, when at the time there wasn't many cars.

Marie Tussaud was arrested and taken to the Bastille for being a royalist supporter. Her head was shaven, a custom before being taken to the guillotine, but was pardoned. She was forced to do not only one of the more curious acts in history, but one of the most morbid. She was employed to make death masks. The first were of course the most obvious: Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

Wonderfully fun, exotic balcony and main doors with opulent carved surrounds in Paris.

Paris Print from Sarah Tucker Travel Photography, available for purchase at Hattie Sparks

Chaise Rouge. a little bistro in Paris that I always try to visit whenever I'm there. The owners are a sweet couple who are friends with my mother & grandmother.

Parisians welcome Allied tanks into the city after its liberation. August 26, 1944.

Sleeping Beauty’s Paris apartment discovered. Photo by GETTY.

Occupied Paris: Older Parisians visit the garbage in order to find something edible.