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19 Things Dads Do That You Won’t See In Popular Culture

Their daughter’s nails too. | 19 Things Dads Do That You Won’t See In Popular Culture

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Hailey Devine on

"Daddy! Stop it!" She giggled as he tickled her tiny feet with his nose. "You want me to stop, eh? So you wouldn't like it if I did...this!" with that he flipped her over his back, hauling her up the stairs as she squirmed and giggled uncontrollably. -FZ

The musings of a female scientist. Encouraging other women to partake in this challenging, male-dominated field while holding onto all the other things that inspire them.

A diary of a fashion/outdoor/life enthusiast. A collection of random thoughts, photographs of inspiration and expression, and a handful of rants and raves. "I want to stand as close to the edge as I...

this could be you one day, this could be your life. holding something so awesome, something you and the one you love made out of nothing but love. this little kid will depend on you for the next 18 years, and then some.

"Bababa!" "That's right, baby, banana." "Banana!" "Tha- Wait." "Banana!" "Oh my god, stay right there, let me call Mum." "Mum banana?" "Holy cow, what a smart girl, that's right, we're gonna tell mummy about the banana!"

Leslie. Palestinian, NDN, and then some. Female, my feminism is intersectional. Born in the Midwest, grew up in Southeast Asia. Living now in the Pacific Northwest and happy about it. I'm worth it all. I like pretty things and important shit.