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The #AlfaRomeo Mito is a premium supermini. It is an aspirational, small city car. As covered in my Giulietta Lowdown, there are only two models in the UK Alfa Romeo line-up at present. It goes without saying that if Alfa want their brand to stand the test of time - and expand their range - these models better be good. The Mito has been met with mainly positive reviews and sales are steady. It provides something a little different in a rather crowded marketplace...

The #AlfaRomeo Giulietta (series 750 and 101) was a subcompact automobile manufactured by the Italian car maker Alfa Romeo from 1954 to 1965. The first Giulietta model was a coupé, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint, introduced in late 1954. This was followed by a sedan in spring 1955 and in mid 1955, the open two-Seat Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider, featuring convertible bodywork by Pininfarina.

In the #AlfaRomeo camp, they showed off the 2014 Giulietta. And what a fine looking car this was; the new model will go on sale some time later this year. Although Alfa haven’t messed about too much with the exterior aesthetics (not broken – don’t fix it) inside the car is a totally new dashboard that brings the Giulietta totally up to date.

Smart car for inner city living and parking.Doors clip on and off new colors ...only two seats.