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  • Susie Dugan

    Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain


    Celebrities Who Died at 27! 10 Photos and Short Stories! #celebs #JanisJoplin #JimiHendrix #AmyWinehouse #JimMorrison #KurtCobain

  • theatre archivist

    Kurt Cobain, Nirvana. In July 1993, prior to a performance in NYC, Cobain suffered a heroin overdose. His wife Courtney Love injected Cobain with Narcan to bring him out of his unconscious state. He performed that night, giving the public no indication that anything out of the ordinary had taken place. Cobain died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in April 1994. Many believe he was the most important rock artist of the 90s even though he lived for less than half of the decade.

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Kurt Cobain, Maxwell's, Hoboken, New Jersey, 1989, via Flickr. #rare #raro

Kurt Cobain, February 20th, 1967 - April 5th, 1994

I will always have a crush on this man ♥

Kurt Cobain - This picture stunned me because of how young he looks in it, but then I have to stop and think that they WERE just kids. I was almost a year younger than Kurt.

“Birds scream at the top of their lungs in horrified hellish rage every morning at daybreak to warn us all of the truth, but sadly we don't speak bird.” ― Kurt Cobain

You can still be grungy and wear Cardigans! See Jules, even Kurt wore them. Here's proof!

nirvana. kurt cobain. cross. crows. black and white photograph. | RP » I'm so happy. Cause today I found my friends. They're in my head.

Kurt Cobain #NIRVANA [Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl]

"This is starting to sound the same." Oh well. Going to fall asleep to some AIC and Nirvana, peace.

Kurt Cobain with baby blue Fender Mustang, In Utero tour, 1993.