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Body Hacks

Body Hacks

Awesome Body Hacks…

Body Hacks

mindbodygreenfrom mindbodygreen

How a Sip of Soda Affects Your Health (Image)

What Soda/Pop does to your body

mindbodygreenfrom mindbodygreen

What Your Poop Is Telling You About Your Body (Infographic)

Everybody Poops! What Your Poop Is Telling You About Your Body (Infographic) Check out the website to see more

When the body is acidic, yeast, bacteria, viruses and cancer can thrive. Conversely, when the body is alkaline, foreign bacteria, viruses, yeast and cancer can not live. Our body has a natural balance called homeostasis. When we are too acidic, minerals, such as calcium, are leached from our bones to help alkalize the body. Another way our bo...

There is a good reason for the popularity of the subject of alkalizing! Even though the emphasis on the importance of the pH value of the bodies might seem like something new, the truth is that the...

Lauren Conradfrom Lauren Conrad

Foodie Facts: What Your Cravings Are Really Telling You

Craving French fries, sweets or soda? Here's what your body is really trying to tell you... {so interesting}

Are you taking chemo or on chemo pills? "Greens" helps alkalize the body and Cancer can NOT live in an alkalized body. I've been reading testimonies from people using the greens while taking chemo or chemo pills and their dr's are amazed, they're blood tests are coming back perfect, they're white blood cell count is normal, and they're not feeling sluggish anymore. I only wish I was selling these products when my dad was still around. Maybe I can help others.

Top Foods that Chelate the Body of Heavy Metals

Vitamin B-3 (niacin) is vitally important in our bodies in order to regulate cholesterol and to release energy from foods. It also helps filter toxins out of the body. #dherbs #healthtips