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SlipTalkfrom SlipTalk

I've Been Completely Dreading Winter Until I Saw These 20 Photos. I'm In Awe Of The Last One.

Winter creatures❤️

Sortraturefrom Sortrature

Winter Wonderland

Cardinals roosting. Instantly reminded me of my mom and how she would sit at her big kitchen window and watch her birds at her bird feeder.

Fine Art Americafrom Fine Art America

Barred Owl Snowy Day In The Forest Print by Jennie Marie Schell

White barred owl in the snow.

Clean and Scentsiblefrom Clean and Scentsible

Winter Wonderland

This reminds me of a place my mom, dad and grandparents used to take us. We'd go on wagon rides, get hot chocolate ect... it really is the little things in life that have the biggest impact!

"My name is Arya Stark. The last thing you're ever going to see is Stark smiling down at you as you die" - Arya avenging her family #GameOfThrones

Sortraturefrom Sortrature

Adorable Animals in Winter Wonderland

My second favorite bird. <3

I Can Teach My Child!from I Can Teach My Child!

How Arctic Animals Stay Warm in Icy Water

Ever wondered how arctic animals stay warm in icy water? This fun science experiment shows how a layer of fat makes a huge difference in body temperature!

Winter is a hero, but so are the people who took the time and energy to save her! May God bless them!