It makes me happy that there are people who live in places like this. I guess my dear old NYC boudoir will have to do for now.

pink house with plants (.づ☀‿☀)づ

Cave House in Beluchistán (Balochistan or Baluchistan (Balochi: بلوچستان, lit. Land of the Baloch)


oh, i want to live here very much!

burkina faso

small house

Tiny Cob house, Denmark

pyramid house - palm springs

Tiny house

Meka Bunch's beautiful staircase in her Cob House

Freunde von Freunden

Andrew Maynard’s Tower House Is Made Up Of Seven Small Blocks |

Bahia House in Brazil by Gaetano Pesce - Strange Houses, Weird Houses, Unusual Houses & Homes from Around the World

COB house: structural composite of earth, clay, straw, sand and water, hand-sculpted into shelters or houses.

OLGGA Flake House

*LOVE* this little pink house


House with faceted concrete facade by Nicky Zwaan and Joris Bouwers #architecture #concrete #residential


The other method of doing built in windows in a cob wall is to simply embed a panel of glass into the cob and then cob around it (building u...