my bottle sun or star depending on what time of day it is zone 4 garden no, gardening, outdoor living, Bottle sun in my gazebo in the center of my veggie garden Zone 4 no breakage has been buried for a couple of years Old grind stone in the center

How to bury bottles to create stunning yard art

Bottle 'sun' or 'star', depending on what time of day it 4 garden, no breakage problems, buried in sand.

Wine Bottle Garden Path

17 Beautiful and Easy DIY Garden Paths

14 Amazing Ideas For Using Wine Bottles In The Garden

take the repurposed path less traveled, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling, Line your path or even create your path with recycled glass bottles turned upside down

Ways to reuse glass bottles - 26 ideas for old wine bottles

Ways to Reuse Glass Bottles – 26 Ideas for Old Wine Bottles

Glass Creations_Not Totems :: Buried BOTTLE Path by nova image by sangaree_KS - Photobucket

Old bottles repurposed into a garden path

Ultimate collection of 25 most DIY friendly & beautiful garden path ideas and very helpful resources from a professional landscape designer!

mexican feather grass and zinnias with colored glass path (Glass Bottle Flower)

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25 Garden Edges and Borders

Steel pipe garden edging filled with succulents. I want to do this painted PVC pipe (without the plants inside)

Glass Bottle Floor Insulation

Glass bottle sub-floor, April 2012 Because the glass bottles hold a layer of air between the dirt and the concrete floor, it acts as a blanket under the floor, keeping the house temperature more sta

Recycled parts for garden path.  haha - got to admit it's interesting!  -ls

recycled materials repurposed concrete, stone, ceramic, iron weights, etc. to make garden path

I am TOTALLY doing this if we ever move!!!! :)

Make a Backyard Sod Sofa

Sprout a Couch, you can literally grow your own lawn furniture. ReadyMade has instructions on how to grow an outdoor couch. How awesome would this be?

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DIY concrete pavers looking like flagstone. Love this for our back/side yard where I want to do a hard scape.

Canteiro de Garrafas

At first I thought it looked like half a pineapple! But the idea is really cool; recycle wine bottles to make a passive solar warmed planter. One problem.where to get that many wine bottles!

recycled wine bottle path dweaver

12 Garden path designs - In your garden except for the flowers, it needs to pay attention to the arrangement of the stasis, stone decorations, and the place where you will sit.

Beer Bottle  Home Brew Six Pack Carrier  Beer by coldcreekbrewing, $45.00

Beer Caddy - Home Brew Six Pack Carrier - Beer Bottle Carrier - Bottle Opener -Gift for Dad - Men - Groomsmen- Best Man Gift via Etsy