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    Write a letter to myself on my half birthday (which is on leap day) and then open it again on the next leap day which will be when I'm graduated from college and hopefully be in medical school:)

    Yesss my dad says we will in the dr only to get over our fear of sharks..... But I want to do it for the fun if it!!!

    Check! When I did cheerleading the football players gave all the cheerleaders a rose for winning the competition!♥

    *sigh* I really miss Seattle. It's nice to be home, close to my family. But I really am excited for the day that Ahren and I can move back to the Northwest. I just love the look and feel out there. Hello, Seattle. ♥

    I had no idea there was a gum wall in Seattle. Now I have to go. Can't believe I live here and don't know about this. Sheesh.

    Just because how can I tell my children I think it's that important if I didn't think it was important enough to do myself

    Fall in love with someone that's my exact opposite (Again, accomplished! ♥)

    He has a horrible immune system, but im sure he'd sacrifice it for this!