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Use once a week - 'doubles' hair growth. Combine 1 tsp. honey, 2 tsp. olive oil and 1 -2 tsp. coconut oil w/one half mashed avocado. Massage into dry hair, wait 10 to 15 min, shampoo/condition as normal. I need to start doing this

How To Use Castor Oil For Hair Loss

Castor Oil For Hair Growth

Make Your Own Non-toxic Keratin Hair Treatment Try a blend of two TBS mayonnaise, 1 whole avocado, 1 TBS coconut oil and one TBS olive oil, and leave on for 20 minutes. If mayo grosses you out, apply jojoba or argan oil to freshly washed hair overnight, and wash out in the morning for a similar effect

Thyroid Support Blend: In a 10ml rollerball bottle combine 3 drops Clove 3 drops Lemongrass 3 drops Myrrh 2 drops Frankincense 2 drops Peppermint Top with Fractionated Coconut Oil Apply on base of throat (think about where your thyroid gland is) and at reflex points on the bottoms of your feet.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Magic!

Helps with foot fungus. Spray a 50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water on them (especially the toes) every night and let dry. Or try soaking your feet in a peroxide solution to help soften calluses and corns, and disinfect minor cuts.