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Dr. Seuss

  • Melissa Widner

    Dr. Seuss's secret art | Plethora of Cats

  • Clare Butler

    Inspiration for a Dr Seuss lesson....

  • Stephanie Reppas

    DR. SEUSS THEODOR GEISEL "Plethora of Cats". He spent years on this painting. Every time he passed by it, he would add another cat face.

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Dr Seuss, Waterfall

"Brush! Brush! Brush! Brush! Comb! Comb! Comb! Comb! Blue hair is fun to brush and comb. All girls who like to brush and comb should have a pet like this at home." - Dr Seuss

The painting "Lion Stroll" by Theodore Geisel, otherwise known as Dr. Seuss.

Narragansett Beer coaster, illustration by Dr Seuss

Sawfish with such a long snout, Dr Seuss

A Plethora of Cats, Dr Seuss

The Stag at Eve, Dr Seuss, 1960

illustration by Dr Seuss

Bock Beer ad, Dr Seuss, 1937

1949 Flit Spray ad, mosquito illustration by Dr Seuss

1937 Dr. Seuss sample lithograph, Thomas D. Murphy calendar company

Dr Seuss's The Seven Lady Godivas

"End of the line, sir. From here on you walk." Dr Seuss, PM Magazine, July 7, 1942

illustration from "The King's Stilts"

Martini Bird, Dr. Seuss

"Indistinct Cat with A Cigar" by Dr Suess

"Freebird" by Dr. Seuss

Life magazine, May 1934, Dr. Seuss

Green Cat with Lights, Dr. Seuss aka Stroogo Von M.

National Broadcasting Company Vital Spots advertisement, 1940, Dr Seuss

Flit Spray ad illustration by Dr. Seuss

"A Plethora of Fish" Adapted posthumously from the circa 1940s pencil and gouache on board created for the 1947 book, McElligot’s Pool, one of the few books to include fully-developed watercolor paintings for each and every page.

"Golden Girl"

pen-and-ink watercolor drawing by Dr. Seuss, c.1935

At work on a drawing of The Grinch for How the Grinch Stole Christmas, in 1957