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Just try to make myself calm and imagine me in a long vacation by looking at this artwork.. Venetian Causeway, FL Sunset 6:54pm by Eric Cahan, New York based photographer. Please find his lovely artworks, Sky Series on his website,

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TOP 10 Barging Routes in Europe “ Venetian Sunsets on the River © ”

A sunset from the old Venetian port of Hania. Here you see the lighthouse of Hania, often called "Egyptian lighthouse", Creta Greece by Cretense

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Venice Sunrise

✯ Venice Sunrise - Italy @classiquecom!/classiquecom = Italy

Venice, Italy - Flickr - Photo Sharing! - اللّهُـمَّ بِكَ أَمْسَـينا، وَبِكَ أَصْـبَحْنا، وَبِكَ نَحْـيا، وَبِكَ نَمـوتُ وَإِلَـيْكَ المَصـير .