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HECUBA Euripides translated by Tony Harrison Vanessa Redgrave Royal Shakespeare Company 2005 BAM New York 2005 Director: Laurence Boswell / Lighting: Adam Silverman 01 02 03 04

cassandra: noble by birth & renowned for her near-divine beauty & ready wit, her oft-bruised femininity &d steady chaste virtue, coveted by lustful apollo, brought about her ruin; when portentous voices whisper to her through the wind & from beneath the ground & she translates them aloud for everyone to hear, she is ridiculed & spurned. her fall prefigures that of troy but no one listens as her distress tumbles from her eyes.

Cassandra {princess of Troy}; daughter of Priam and Hecuba | gifted of prophecy by Apollo but cursed that no one would believe her predictions

Bombay Cat / Majestic panther. I shall call you Bagheera, Oberon, or Stranger. Hecate, Hecuba, Maleficent if you be of the lady sort.