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"North Face" by rachel-norris on Polyvore

I like the North Face sweatshirt and the puma shoes, but if it was Nike it would be better

Love that sweater! The watch is really neat, too. I'd even take the bag.  :)  Would do bootcut jeans instead though.

This hoodie sweater; I really like the whole outfit, and would totally wear it, a lot. That hoodie sweater is so great though.

Color/outfit combos

This is def a girl scout event wear. Tennis Shoes to chance em down, sweater to cover up when cold and jeans because it protects from glue gun burns and OF course you need bling and a purse for meds, parent permis, and everything else!

Great Sporty Outfit for Woman, Winter Style - hoodie. This outfit is a must. I love the sweater it says style. You can throw that on any this and make a statement without trying. Love the asymmetrical that screams unique without going overboard.

Very close to my typical travel/airplane outfit.

I love this because it’s simple and totally easy to recreate. A simple t-shirt, scarf and jeans with casual shoes. Maybe switch switch out the neutral T, scarf, or shoes for a pop of color?

Too cute!!,just make the jeans a Jean skirt and minus the make up and jewelry

North Face Outfit With Jeans And Converse. Good site to have north face and athletic Nike shoes for cheap!,I have this hoodie in black guess I need some black converse sneakers. And STARBUCKS!