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Not too hilarious, but I thought I'd repin to say this: just because someone has a microphone and a majority doesn't mean they're right or spreading truth. Be careful who you let influence you.

Types of Facebookers.

Types of Facebookers.

I can only add that I DESPISE Facebook. Pinterest is the only cyber world I can handle. I prefer perfect strangers to my virtual " friends" any day. You are all far more nice to me than they are. And they have issues. Holy crap!

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52 Of The Funniest Quotes Ever

I don't mean to interrupt people I just randomly remember things and get really excited.

I would love to know what causes this. ^^ It's when your heart rate slows down, when you relax, and your brain thinks you are dying and so it tries to wake you up. ( thats what I heard) I DO THIS ALL THE TIME!!! IT'S SO WEIRD. I spaz out every time