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Watch as the moon is eclipsed in 6 great photos! Lunar Eclipse 2015 | Blood Moon September 27, 2015

The moon rises through the trees on the Sacramento River.

Blood Moon during the September 27, 2015 eclipse. Notice the star trails caused by time elapse.

A fishing boat makes a sweeping turn on the Sacramento river as the moon rises above the trees.

My neighbor Betty celebrating her 94th Birthday. When asked what was the best thing about turning 94, she said, "Getting to be here!"

2015 Best Overall The 10 photos I am most proud of!

Open this link to see more great moon photos! Best Moon 2015

I met these women on the Golden Gate Bridge and we took photos for each other. Their camera made them into silhouettes, and we couldn't figure out how to get the flash to turn on, so I took a couple of photos with my camera to share with them.

I loved watching this elk duck as he walked under the tree! Taken in Rocky Mountain National Park, September 2015