too cute

Halloween Costume: Black & White characters using grayscale makeup.

Paper Doll

Bert and Mary Poppins costumes

Pretzel pumpkins- dip the pretzels in melted white chocolate, the dip in orange sprinkles! Add green icing for the stems/leaves

Cher or Dionne from Clueless | 18 Fantastic Halloween Costume Ideas For ’90s Girls

Easy koala costume


Couples costumes

good halloween costume

The tiger stripes are something I never thought of. Would make a cat costume so much more original.. could even do this with cheetah/zebra/giraffe etc

52 fun DIY costumes


fun group costume- luffas!

Halloween costume!

Cute Halloween costume

couple costume! Haha curious George. This is so cute.

Baby Halloween Costumes halloween


This website is the Pinterest of costumes. Need to remember for next year