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  • Niki Mills

    Dog Toilet Water Bowl - hahahaa this is so great! maybe my dog would stop drinking out of the big toilet!!!

  • Susan Kennedy

    Dog Toilet Water Bowl This is too funny.

  • Reena Dhake

    Dog Toilet Water Bowl - they should make a shower faucet one for cats...

  • Karen J. Girardier

    Dog water bowl @Baylee Reed for Nora of course!! ha too funny!

  • Samantha Corcoran

    Pefrect for AG dolls!!! DOG TOILET WATER BOWL

  • McKenzie Cook

    Dog Toilet Water Bowl - hahahaa this is an awesome idea my dog always drinks out of the dog and i think it is so nasty

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Oh my god. Died laughing looks just like my moms dog and the exact reaction he would have hahahahaha

Lime green polar fleece .. Bumpy red fleece .. stuffed him with fiber fill and really stuffed hs legs full so he could stand. I did wire him by the top of is pants onto a tree branch on each side so he would not slip down.

HaHa! He learned to dispense water and ice!

Love my weenie dog :-) Love this photographer, she is amazing. I wish I lived in Australia.

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That's one way to beat the heat. They shouldn't have borrowed his pool! LOL! OMG! This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Making Friends With the Neighbors. This cracks me up! I would love to see him coming under my fence

Spanish Mastiff..what a beautiful face..wish I could kiss and cuddle U..I kissed that screen..Love U