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I find myself incapable of repinning this

Editor's Note - Below is an excerpt from Teal Swan's new book, Shadows Before Dawn - Finding the Light of Self-Love Through Your Darkest Times. You can listen to Teal Swan's Hay House World Summit interview for free May 14-18th, 2015. Loving yourself is not about a philosophy of living, i

Wedding shadow box. Put invite, front and back of programs, flowers from me and husband, plus jewelry, headpiece, and garter! Pretty proud of myself!

1. How free is my soul? Place this card on top of your significator if you have chosen to work with one. 2. Mirror - An aspect of self mirrored back to me by others that is influencing my ability to be true to myself at this moment. 3. Self-talk - How my self-talk is affecting my ability to be true to myself. 4. Soul Alchemy - A healing aspect/influence that I can access right now to help me heal that which needs healing. 5. Shadow - What I am trying to hide from myself out of shame or…

This is a template I made that can be used to project the shadow of Peter Pan on your wall using a lamp. I have not tried it myself yet but if it works, enjoy!!

Element FIRE: "I am fire. I can either ignite myself to comfort you with my warm rays, or destroy the world around you leaving you in a dense haze."