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Full Silicone Mermaid Tail by Finfolk Productions.>>> I wish I had a full silicone tail! I already have a Fin Fun tail, which is pretty much the nicest you can get without going full silicone.

Little Mermaid Erg Mooie 9382

Tropical mermaid- level up! If you click "like" on one photo today, let it be this one, because we're in love with this tail! Created for who's here in Kona for the Hawaii Mermaid Experience with See Through Sea.

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We absolutely LOVED creating this. People are always asking when we'd do a peacock inspired mermaid tail, and we finally have!

Merbella studios Inc. - Beautiful Silicone tail too flashy for me but gosh so beautiful ORB

Full silicone tail by Mermaid Raven of Merbella Studios Inc. This particular tail was inspired by the beautiful Mantis Shrimp.

By Finfolk productions

By Finfolk productions

If league of legends characters were cats

If league of legends characters were cats

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