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51 Positive & Motivational Quotes By @TheClassyPeople

YES. just yes. this is perfect. I wish people would take seriously the differences between outgoing people and quiet people. Im not quiet because i am stuckup, rude, too good, or uninterested. I am quiet because i am a listener, a thinker, an observer. Dont push anyone to be someone theyre not or they will be miserable.

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Well, well, well if this doesn't describe someone to a tee I don't know what else would! Such an absolute liar and to involve your kid in your lies makes it even worse. Pathetic!!!

Learned the toughest problem way, but I've got it down. Better to stay silent than speak. Better to be silent and smile then give people a reason to use the talking and not smiling as a reason for your screw ups. Stay silent and smile