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This is what you get when you write #yolo on a math quiz…

When teachers strike back-but literally, how the heck do you figure that out??? It's just an expression, yeah?

"also, I am a smug, ignorant, morally bankrupt sociopath, because condescending to the working people with the greatest hardships and fewest advantages is totally something I'm proud of!"

Rand Paul - doesn't look like my man will be on top like I've hoped for years but I still love Rand

Marking: Minimum effort for maximum pleasure

Train Smarter, Not Harder. 3 lessons I learned the hard way to manage injury and get back to running faster. Learn from my past training mistakes so that you are able to train smarter and more effectively especially when dealing with an injury.

33 Awesome Pics That Will Kickstart Your Weekend

A fine collection of fascinating randoms and intriguing imagery!