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Byron Company onstage photograph of the authorized American production of "The Emerald Isle," Principals left to right: Amelia Fields as the Countess of Newton, F. Stuart Hyatt as Doctor Fiddle D. D., Charles Dunngan as the Earl of Newton and Jefferson de Angelis as Professor Bunn. Produced by Sam S. Shubert at the Herald Square Theatre on Broadway, New York, 1902.

Walter Passmore as Professor Bunn with Ethel Beech (left) and Lulu Evans as Nora (right) in the original 1901 production of "The Emerald Isle" at the Savoy Theatre.

Rosina Brandram as the Countess of Newtown in the original production of "The Emerald Isle" with Jones Hewson (1901) (c/o Simon Moss; from the May 29, 1901, issue of The Sketch)