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Omggg this is so damnnn relatable

I always want to walk away from energy suckers. they walk in and all the good energy gets sucked right out.

Exactly so flipping true. I only tell one person my feelings

They do and it makes me very sad because I could always feel his sadness and it broke my heart

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That's why we need constant mental stimulation everyday/hour/minute or else, we're gonna die. and not always by choice!" as a fellow Gemini stated.

Im A Gemini...

thats for sure so i have rigged a few traps in my house im a gemini and so is my…

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This is your crazy, not mental crazy, but the kind of crazy that any man would love to love. I'm sorry for being so damned mean. Please forgive me.

Very true indeed, we Gemini's would rather have people around us that we can relate too and that can also teach us a thing or two instead of just settling for just anybody

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