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Tutorial Shows Quick, Effective Method For Managing Stray Hairs in Post

In this tutorial I'll show you a shortcut for removing clusters of stray or fly-away hairs from a background. This will work on backgrounds with gradients or...

Amber Portrait I - Quick test portrait with Amber Check out my <a href="">fashion/portrait photography and retouching course here</a> You can also follow me on <a href="">Facebook</a> or <a href="">Instagram</a> Model: Amber (Anita Norris Models) MUA/Hair: Melanie Rose Photo/Post: Michael Woloszynowicz Phase One IQ140

How Many Studio Lights do you Really Need? | Fstoppers Three light beauty setup, one on the background, two on the subject in a clamshell configuration

Photographer Michael Woloszynowicz (13 photos) » - Hot pictures of Sexy models and Glamorous celebrities found on Polyvore

In this video we’ll be covering commonly used retouching tools for fixing blemishes on a subject’s face and stray hairs. As always, our aim is not only to show you the basics of the tools but also best practices for using them and where they have their uses and limitations.KEY...

Do You Like To Take Photos? Or Are You A Photographer?

Do You Like To Take Photos? Or Are You A Photographer? | B&H Gets Introspective With 14 Of The Best

Aerin II - Shallow DOF studio portrait. You can follow me on <a href="">Facebook</a>, <a href="">Instagram</a> and/or check out my <a href="">Retouching tutorials</a> Lighting was a large 7' Octa as the main and two shoot through umbrellas for fill, flagged off. Retouching was mostly just D&B contouring and color grading. Model: Aerin (Plutino Models) Creative Direction: Philip Clemments Assistant/Nails…

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