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My wife and I have never visited a Texas winery. I heard @Messina Hof is having their annual Harvest celebration this year, so that will definitely be one to check off the list for us! - Jason - #HouBList -

Grab my friends and head to Messina Hof’s Winery Harvest Festival for grape picking and stomping! - Elizabeth - #HouBList

Wine and dine at Spindletop Restaurant, at the top of the Hyatt, to take in the Houston sunset. - Steve - #HouBList -

My Bucket list is to be able to spend Thurs-Sunday at the Houston Quilt Festival. I'm originally from California, but now live in Texas (near Lubbock). To spend the 4 days at Houston Quilt Festival has been a goal for years. - Margie - #HouBList - (Picture by Image Catcher Photography)