I totally love this house! I love how it is lite up and it looks so pretty especially with the lake and the lake it makes a beautiful background

I want this so bad! :) can I move here and not let anyone find me?

Not that I don't LOVE our homes but I'd take this lake house in a split second!


Awesome tree houses. Whos says tree houses are just for kids :)

Cutest guest house ever!!

Would love to hold you here!! Do you know how many times I tell U that I want to hold you!! It is the greatest feeling ever!!! There is no better intimacy & it is what I miss most!! Seriously!!! I Love YOU with ALL my heart!!! :-*:-*:-* I Miss YOU Baby!!!***

perfect cabin

Rustic home on Lake Tahoe. I like the natural stone around the fire pit. Not sure where to get capstones like that. This would be my dream home!

New England Lake House - Beautiful location!

Cabin Heaven! Dad would totally love this!!!! And so would I:)

Winter cozy

so pretty.

lake house

beautiful house

Pretty house


Probably a little fancier than what we'll wind up with, but still pretty awesome.

Log cabin in the mountains

Dream Houses: Dream house