Just the Halloween costume I'll make my boy wear.

We have been blessed with healthy, chubby twin girls who will be 9 months old the day before Halloween.  It seemed like a natural choice to dress the...

All the time lol :)

dying at the cuteness!!! If I ever have a kid he/she will be wearing this!!!!!!

Couple of Boobs

Cutest halloween costume EVER. I cant stop laughing! I can totally picture Amelia doing this next halloween.

Cutest halloween costume EVER. I cant stand it.

He's going to be so disapointed when that letter never comes, he'll think, "maybe it's twelve years" but no, that letter will NEVER come >:(

Best pregnancy Halloween costume

cute baby costume

These parents are awesome. I laughed so hard! This is seriously the best thing ever.

Halloween Costume! I need to borrow someone's baby!

this is actually the best costume ever in the history of halloween

Coolest Little Boo and Monsters Inc. Character Costumes... This website is the Pinterest of costumes

Burrito. I can't even handle this. It has a moustache!! Bahaha

Best Halloween costume for big sister/little brother! [Found on RiseFeed]

ATTN: (one of my friends with a baby/ toddler) PLEASE dress your child up like this for next Halloween. thanks!

lol! I'm doing this one day

This is really cute - in a weird nerdy sorta way ;) (dobby, harry potter, humor)

Twister costume