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This is the opposite of shadow play. It is light play!

Real Life is Rubbish, 2002 British-born and -based artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster skilfully skirt the boundaries between beauty and the shadowier aspects of humanity, playing with our perceptions as well as our notions of taste. Many of their most notable pieces are made from piles of rubbish, with light projected against them to create a shadow image entirely different to that seen when looking directly at the deliberately disguised pile.

"Still" (2005), by Fred Eerdekens. Shadow art.

Optical Illusions...Awesome

Wonderful shadow art created by talented Belgian artist Fred Eerdekens. Strategically placed objects cast shadows that form words and images.

"Untitled (Child)" Kumi Yamashita // 2011 H183, W183, D10cm Carved wood, single light source, shadow

Anila Quayyum, enormous laser-cut wood cube projects beautiful shadow patterns onto surrounding gallery walls.

art illusion by Fred Eerdekens

Amazing Shadow Creations... It boggles the mind to think that these are real!

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These masterpieces amaze me. I recall seeing "monsters" on my walls when I was a child.

Fred Eerdekens - shadow typography - AMAZING