Gossip Girl inspired #prom ideas

Okay so I love the show Gossip Girl... Go ahead judge all you want.

love love them! Gossip Girl, Blair and Chuck.. I want a relationship like theirs

Hey Chuck

two girls who tackle everything #together #gossipgirl

Chuck. Chuck Bass...

blair waldorf, chuck bass...why do they have to be so complicated....grrr i just wanna handcuff them to each other and throw away the key.

Ed Westwick

A look at Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf and her advice to young women and teenagers.


Gossip Girl, Masquerade - Season 1

Ed Westwick

This was a great GG moment. I'm so glad that Chuck & Blair had their happy ending.

Ed Westwick.... good ol chuck bass

Chuck Bass #gossipgirl #tuxedo

christmas wish list: 1.Nate Archibald 2.My personal Dorota 3.Serena's clothes 4.Dan's grades 5.Blair and Chuck's relationship

Chuck Bass

Blair Waldorf & Serena Van Der Woodsen // "Gossip Girl"

Ed Westwick...yum. Chuck bass!