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cardboard sculpture painted with metallic paint

cardboard sculpture painted with metallic paint sculpture-lessons-clay-plaster-found-object-and-mo

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pop up card.looks like you fold a paper in half for base. Cut two spirals. Glue down the outer edge, extend the centers and connect the centers in the middle. OR cut 4 spirals and match up inner/outer/switch.

Louise Nevelson>>> Projetos de Escultura Assemblage - arte da 8ª série<<<

Assemblage Sculpture Projects - grade art -I used to do a project on Louise Nevelson similar to this when I taught elementary art!

I've done something similar to this in the past...it has possibilities in this class too, although needs further development.  Can it be derived from a sketchbook assignment?

foam board relief sculpture - quick ideas into how to make a low relief sculpture. Could paint/spraypaint?

LESSON 2: Objective- working in small groups, students will create a cardboard relief that illustrates an EoA, while working in a series (about 4-9 pieces). Later, combine each series set to create 1 large display of the elements of art. Maybe exclude the EoA: Color.

Learn how to make a relief print out of cardboard, super fast. Lesson Plan Background: By creating individual and collaborative cardboard relief print projects,…

That is fantastic and simple!  We could build some pretty great sculptures using these.  Love it! "Paper cube sculptures"

Paper Cube Sculptures

Sayaka Kajita Ganz created these wild horse sculptures from trash-picked objects like plastic utensils, toys, and metals. She says, “By building these sculptures I try to understand the human relationships that surround me. It is a way for me to contemplate and remind myself that even if there is conflict right now, there is a way for all the pieces to fit together.”

10 Wickedly Cool Sculptures

Emergence is a two piece installation which consists of two horse sculptures emerging out from a wall. Called ‘Night’ and ‘Wind’, both structures are made from reclaimed objects, mostly black, white and clear plastic. by Sayaka Ganz

Giacometti Inspired Figure Sculptures using aluminum foil. What a fun art project for kids from The Imagination Tree!!

Giacometti Inspired Figure Sculptures

Great idea for Giacometti Inspired Figure Sculptures using aluminum foil. What a fun art project for kids from The Imagination Tree!