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  • Summer Renée

    The Big Bang Theory. One of my favoritest shows, ever. It's hysterical.. Funny little fact: I actually broke up w a guy bkause he didn't like this show. He said, "It's not funny", I said, "It's not my fault you're too stupid to get the jokes." & That was about it for that.. lolol.. Love you, Sheldon!! xD

  • Buggz

    The Big Bang Theory! favorite TV program

  • Vanessa Hodgson

    Five Reasons Why I Can’t Stand ‘The Big Bang Theory’ :: THE MOVIE MASH

  • Samantha Glaviano

    Big Bang Theory + Rock Band = <333

  • Endi Q

    the big bang theory tv serie kaley cuoco 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_18.jpg (800×450)

  • Jessica Rivadossi

    The Big Bang Theory curiosità: le cose che non sapevi sul telefilm #thebigbangtheory #bigbangtheory #tbbt #bbt #leonardo #tvseries #leonard #penny #sheldon #sheldoncooper #facts #unknown #about #raj #rajej #rajejkoothrappali #howard

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the Big Bang Theory (it got me im hooked) lol. it has star trek theme to it!! lol wil wheaton is funny....

Big Bang Theory

'They were holding hands in a furnace!'

Because there ain't nothin' sexier than a fat brain. :)

big bang theory, alcohol always works.... at least temporarily anyway

watch (tv): The Big Bang Theory media-cache0.pint... kgmalinin read watch listen cheer

The Big Bang Theory. Fandom: The Big Ban Theory

The Big Bang Theory minimalist poster that portrays one of Sheldon's many many 'charming' qualities