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from Fubiz Media

New Shadow Figure from Fabric

New Shadow Figure from Fabric2

Extraordinary piece by shadow artist Kumi Yamashita created for the American Express office lobby in Tribeca, New York. Kumi asked American Express employees to take a photo of their profile and selected 22 images for the wall installation. Using carefully creased origami paper and a single light source, she effectively sculpted shadow to reveal the profiles on the wall.

from Fubiz Media

Animal Sculptures Mirror

Animal Sculptures Mirror – Fubiz™

Olafur Eliasson, Multiple shadow house, 2010. When a body enters the space and begins to interact with the light installation, beautiful and subtle overlaid visions of their shadow fan across the screens – as they move around forward and backward the image is thus altered and can be manipulated. In this way the project is a creative collaboration between the artist, viewer, space and technology. Essentially the artwork is redundant without the presence of the figure.

from Fubiz Media

Flying Houses

Flying Houses – Fubiz™